Regional Migration Visas

Life in Regional Australia

Many people are attracted to employment opportunities in regional Australia. Regional Australia offers open spaces, less expensive life styles and the wonderful Australian environment. Many regional centres also have a strong cultural diversity with well established migrant communities. There are a range of initiatives to attract migrants, with particular skills and abilities, to many regions of Australia. The Life in Regional Australia pages show the increasing opportunities for migrants to successfully settle outside of the major Australian cities.

Information Sources

The Life in Australia web pages, the Beginning a Life in Australia Booklets and the Commonwealth Government programs and services website are all information sources that will give relevant information to people looking to move to Regional Australia.

Migration categories

Information about the range of visas for permanent migration to Australia.

Regional locations that want to attract migrants

Use a map of Australia to choose a state and then a town to get a snapshot of information and photos on that town. The locations identified on these pages are only a small selection of the locations that want to encourage migrants to their towns, you should also explore other locations in smaller centres.

Finding employment and housing in regional Australia

These pages provide information and relevant links on how to go about finding employment and housing in regional Australia.