General Skilled

Skilled Migration

Individuals with particular skills and qualifications may apply for permanent residency in Australia under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) stream.    A Points Test is used to establish eligibility.   Australia determines which qualifications and trades are most in-demand and shapes its Skilled Migration stream accordingly.

People who secure a Skilled Visa can come to Australia and seek employment in their chosen field when they arrive.


Skilled – Independent Visa.

Medical Professionals are in high demand

You would have a Skill or occupation which is in demand.  You need to undergo a range of tests including a skills assessment, and meet the prescribed Points Test.  For some professions you need to meet the requirements for Registration in Australia.


Once you secure a Skilled-Independent Visa, you can enter Australia, or remain in Australia permanently, and seek your own employment.


Skilled-Sponsored Visa.

For this class of Visa, you would have a skill or occupation in demand, and you would be sponsored by an Australian relative or a State or Territory Government.  Each year, the States publish a State Migration Plan, which indicates the types of Skilled Occupations that are most in demand in that State.  Individuals may apply for Sponsorship from that government, and this means that if they are successful in securing a visa, they must undertake to work in that State for a prescribed period of time.


Regional Skilled Migration.

Regional Australia

While Australian cities have high demand for labour, shortages are even more apparent in regional and country areas.  If you are prepared to work in places other than the major population centres, a Skilled – Regional Visa may be for you.  The eligibility requirements are a little less rigid.    Recently the entire State of Western Australia was approved as a Regional Area, including the city of Perth.



Skilled Migration can be a complicated area, and it’s best to seek professional help to navigate your way through.  Emergico can help!